Who is Ivy Tan?

A radio professional of 12 years, Ivy Tan has a plethora of experience in hosting live events and doing voice overs.

Her specializations include hosting media press conferences, large scale live events and commercial roadshows.

Ivy is currently a radio presenter and producer with 88.3F JIA FM, weekdays 9pm – 12mn.

Is Ivy the right fit for your event?

Clients have described Ivy as reliable, versatile and truly bilingual. Those who have worked with Ivy feel extremely safe leaving the events in her hands, she is in tune with the fast pace of events and highly experienced with working the crowd and engaging them accordingly.

Ivy to date has hosted many media press conferences, facilitating media interviews and smoothly steering the media away from sensitive questions on behalf of the client.

She is experienced with introducing and interviewing any VIPs present at the event.

Being effectively bilingual, she is able to connect instantly with the audience, switching effortlessly between English and Mandarin.

Is Ivy the right fit for your voiceover?

Ivy’s voice has been described as warm, well-rounded and versatile.

She has been doing voice overs since 2008. Most clients have provided feedback that Ivy is easy to work with and works hard in getting the tone and sound that the clients want.

If required, Ivy has a remote setup available together with a production suite.

A sample of her voice can be found here.