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Ivy enjoys meeting people from all walks of life, learning about new cultures and languages. This compelled her to move to Spain in 2015 for 2 years, to learn more about a different culture and meet people of different backgrounds. She moved back to Singapore in 2017, with her heart full of memories, a memory card full of photos and a deeper love and appreciation of Spain and Europe and its diversity. Basic Spanish can now be added to the list of languages that Ivy can read and write.

She also enjoys diving and would happily engage in a conversation on diving tips or tell you all about her favourite diving spots in the Philippines. One of her proudest moments was being part of the ‘Say No To Fins’ campaign.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her rescue cat Sir Meowalot while watching crime shows. Ivy always enjoys a good steak and is on a quest to find the best way to sous vide or grill her homecooked steaks to perfection.

She has currently started on a new passion project, creating Mandarin children audiobooks for the special kids in her life. Ivy grew up in Singapore to a Taiwanese mother, listening to her mother read to her when she was younger grew her love for stories and appreciation of Mandarin novels.


We chat with Ivy on some frequently asked questions.

How long have you been doing this?

I joined YES 93.3FM in 2007, so that is more than 10 years now. Actually I have been doing live events hosting since my poly days, for some extra pocket money, which was how I purchased my first mobile phone!

In your opinion, what makes you different from other hosts?

An event host should be very quick on his/her feet, to handle any sudden changes on site and ensure minimal impact to the flow of the event. He/she should be observant enough to be able to catch any potential problems before it even happens. Lastly, multitasking is a must, especially when you are already on stage and the events manager is using his/her own version of sign language on you, trying to communicate that last-minute change that happened just as you took the stage.

My superpower as a host is that I can help safely navigate the event through with minimal impact, and most of the time the audience won’t even notice! 

What is your most memorable event?

Definitely the Singapore Hit Awards back in 2014! I was onstage in front of a 6,000-strong audience at the indoor stadium, including celebrities from all over Asia (Show Luo, S.H.E etc) and I tripped over my shoes, as that was my very first time wearing heels. Fortunately, I didn’t fall. If I did, I would have to retire early from the industry from the sheer embarrassment.

What do you love most about your job?

Being a radio DJ connects me to my listeners on a unique level. I may not know your name or your face, but I am here for you, chatting with you, through your ups and downs, rain or shine.

I’ve had listeners who have called in, sobbing uncontrollably, having a breakdown from the pressure of school. I have had listeners who called in, fresh out of a relationship, just looking for a listening ear.

That relationship with my listeners, is what keeps me going in this job.

Although a live event may not give me same level of emotional connection as radio, I’d like to think that I might have somehow contributed to making the audience’s day just a little brighter, or helping to make the events team’s job a little easier just by being there and doing my job.

Do you still get nervous on stage?

Sometimes right before I go onstage! Interestingly, once I go onstage, it goes away immediately.

Do you work better on your own or with a partner?

I work well either way, solo or with a partner. It depends on what the event requires.

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